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Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same. ~Emily Bronte


A soulmate psychic reading provides guidance, insight and information to help people achieve the soulmate relationship they desire. A soulmate psychic reading will allow you to see dynamics of their soulmate relationship in a different way, and from a fresh perspective. A soulmate psychic reading offers the tools, as well as detailed, specific knowledge to encourage the development of positive changes in your soulmate relationship. A soulmate psychic reading will help you nurture, and validate, your own intuition so you can follow your own inner guidance to better your relationship. During a soulmate psychic reading with our soulmate psychics you will begin to create positive changes in your relationship.


You may be impatient because things are not unfolding fast enough for you and feel you need to get out of the relationship because of your own frustration. You may feel you have nothing left to give, have already tried everything for this relationship and just cannot do it anymore. Before you end what could possibly be one of the greatest relationships of your life, take the opportunity to speak with a soulmate psychic. Your soulmate relationship can be challenging but you do not have to do it by yourself or feel like you are all alone. Take charge, and take your power back. Start creating change even if you think you can not change your situation. A soulmate psychic reading reveal what you need to do, and how you need to do it, even if it means walking away and letting go.


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A soulmate psychic reading will reveal why your relationship has stayed in soulmate limbo. You will be able to discover the real reasons the positive changes you have been seeking and hoping for have not occurred. At times, you may feel your soulmate connection is more of a curse than a gift, but a soulmate psychic reading will expose the truth concerning your relationship with your soulmate. Your soulmate psychic reading will unlock specific details about your soulmate relationship, its dynamic, life lessons and spiritual growth, than you could possibly learn on your own. A soulmate psychic reading will uncover what is wrong, or not working, between you and your soulmate, and how the past may be influencing your future together. Expert Soulmate Psychics, Lady Sarah and Sophia Elise are dedicated to help you achieve positive measurable results, rather than spin like a hamster on a wheel, getting no where but tired and depressed.


When your relationship with your soulmate is at a crucial breaking point, the stress, anxiety and misery will spill over into the rest of your life. It affects your sleeping habits, state of mind, emotions, your work performance, self-esteem, and your general state of well being. When we are on the outs with our soulmate, everything else in your life gets out of whack too. The mind, body and soul need to be in harmony, and the negativity stemming from relationship problems only creates more disharmony. If your relationship problems have become so significant it is affecting your job, career, finances and other areas of your life, a soulmate psychic reading can put you on the right path to getting your balance back and finding your place of peace.



Soulmates tend to find each other during their respective pursuits of their soul missions. Creating a soulmate could be seen as a spiritual reward that we give ourselves, after pursuing many soul contracts rife with discord. ~Linda Brady

Lady Sarah and Sophia Elise are both soulmate, twinflame relationship experts. They are also certified relationship life coaches. They have over fifty years combined experience dealing with matters of the heart. In addition to questions about your relationship, soulmates, and twinflames, they can also answer any questions about love, career, finances, work, family, life path and life in general. A soulmate psychic reading with Lady Sarah and Sophia Elise with get your entire life moving in the right direction towards fulfillment and success and most importantly, your own personal happiness.


A soulmate psychic reading will provide the answers you seek so you can being making your own personal situation better, and more manageable. What has been out of your control, will be back in your control as you are empowered to take steps to mend your relationship. Here are some of them most popular questions asked during a soulmate psychic reading:


  • I know I need to make changes with in my soulmate relationship but I dont know what to do to make the changes happen. What is the right way to make sure I achieve success instead of making my relationship worse?
  • My relationship has the same problems that just keep repeating themselves. Is there a proper way to get them resolved once and for all so we can put them behind us and move forward?
  • I am looking for the perfect person for me and only find losers, manipulators, emotionally unavailable men, cheaters and liars. Why am I attracting the wrong men when I am trying so hard to find the right one?


  • I am trying to get my my relationship to the next level but it seems to be going nowhere. Is there a chance this relationship will evolve and grow or am I wasting my time?
  • If you are meant to be with someone does that mean your relationship has not real challenges? What do I need to do for myself and the one I love to make our relationship work out long term?
  • Friends and family members are causing problems in our relationship. What is the best way to handle them?
  • How much longer before I find my soulmate, twinflame or just the right romantic partner for me?
  • Why do I feel so connected to this person in a way I have never felt before?
  • Why do I keep obsessing and thinking about the one I love, even though we are not currently together?
  • The one I love does not seem to feel the same way about me, but something is telling me they are hiding something from me. Could it be they really love me or have feelings for me?
  • Is there a way I could use this soulmate connection to better understand the one I love?
  • I want a relationship more than anything, but feel I will be alone the rest of my life. Am I doing something wrong? Will I end up alone and unhappy?


  • I find myself unable to let go of a relationship from the past, should I move one? How do I move on?
  • The one I love is involved with someone else. What do I do now?
  • Can I trust the one I love? What can I do if the one I love does not trust me?
  • I feel there is something missing in my life and that I am not going on my true life path. What direction should I do in and is it the right time to make changes?
  • I enjoy my life to a certain degree, but something has been telling me I need something more. Can you help me find what I need to make me feel as thought I have a purpose?
  • Can I do anything to help my situation? Am I doing anything to prevent good things from happening to me?
  • Why does everyone else seem to get what they want, achieve their goals and attain their dreams, except me? Am I hurting my own personal success?
  • I have become so tired of trying so hard and getting nowhere. What can I do to get myself motivated?


    These are just a few of the sample questions you can ask during a psychic soulmate reading. All psychic soulmate readings with Lady Sarah and Sophia Elise are personal and confidential. This is your session and you are free to speak your mind about whatever is bothering you in your relationship in regard to changes that need to be made or third parties or other situations that are standing in your way. During your soulmate psychic reading, Sarah and Sophia, always put YOU first, and all efforts are made to help you and guide you toward your own personal happiness and joy.


    Spirit, mind and body are all connected

    Our well being relies on the fact that all parts of us, spirit, mind and body, are all working together in harmony. What affects one, affects all three. When one does not have a balance of spirit mind and body, everything in our lives seems off. When negative experiences come into our lives, they have an impact not only on our mind, but on our spirit and body. Now, instead of having one problem in one area, we find we have issues in every area. When you are on the right path, your spirit, mind and body all are influenced in a positive way. When you are doing the right things and walking in the path of your personal truth, you can keep from drawing negativity into your life. If you wish to find a true sense of inner peace, you must be balanced in the spirit, mind, and body.




    A psychic reading online, or the Internet, by phone, chat or email

    A psychic reading can offer people a fresh viewpoint you may not have seen on your own. It may be a crucial time in your life where you are at a standstill and do not know which direction to take. A psychic reading online offers you a way to find out what direction to choose before you make a big mistake. So often in life we wish we knew now what we didn't know then and could go back in time just to warn ourselves. Well, we cannot go back in time, but you can get that kind of "future guidance" with a  psychic reading. The internet provides many different ways to get a psychic reading whenever you need one, usually by click to call technology. You do not need to leave your home, your job, and get in the car and go meet the psychic, they are just a phone call away! Many people put off having psychic readings because it simply was not convenient to do so. It could not be any more convenient than it is now thanks to todays technology. You can call and talk to a clairvoyant, empath, astrologer, medium or tarot card reader any time of the day or night. You can get a psychic reading online if you have worries or concerns about your relationships, career, job, love interest, money, friends, family, or soulmate. A psychic reading can answer all the questions you need to create the life you want and deserve.




    Relationships, twinflames, soulmates, love and romance

    A topic of great concern for many who seek psychic readings is the status of their relationships and where they are headed. A soulmate psychic reading gives people the opportunity to get accurate predictions on what the future has in store for their romantic partnerships. You may want your relationship to work out, and are afraid of letting it go. A soulmate psychic reading will tell you how and if you can put your energy into your relationship and get good results. A soulmate psychic reading will reveal if the time has come to stop trying, and to get out of a relationship that cannot work for you any longer. Not all relationships last, no matter how much we may want them to. A soulmate psychic reading will let you know if your relationship has the opportunity to flourish, if it is is just going to wither and die. Some relationships are not meant to be, and only last for a very short time. A soulmate psychic reading will accurately predict if your relationship has any chance at longevity. You may feel a connection to someone who is not available right now, or has not allowed their feelings or interest for you show. A soulmate psychic reading reveals all, especially what they are trying so hard to hide. There may be a sense of impatience because you have not yet met your soulmate or twinflame. You may not have met "the one" or the person you are meant to be with and want to know why it is taking so long when others have found theirs. A soulmate psychic reading will give you accurate predictions on when you will meet "the one" and if you are currently with the right person for you. You might have met the right person in your life but the romance and relationship ended. You do not know if you will ever feel that way again, and feel there is no chance left for you at finding true love. You may think your soulmate is gone for good. A psychic reading will offer the guidance you need to find closure with that relationship you thought was the right one, but need to realize it is not. You could also learn if your ex may return to give your relationship another shot. A psychic reading can also predict if another break up is in your future, and what steps you can take to prevent that from happening.



    Tarot cards predictions for your future

    Many clients choose tarot card readings because of the accurate and insightful information they get. Tarot cards are a special deck of cards used to accurately predict the future, and also show the influences the past and the present have on the future. Originally created as a card game, as well as a meditation medium, they were never intended to be an oracle. Around 500 years ago, people began using tarot cards to predict the unfolding of future events and learned they were strangely accurate. There are major arcana tarot cards, and minor arcana tarot cards. Each tarot card has a different meaning and represents a different possible outcome. When a tarot reader reads the cards, she is not just interpreting that one card, but the combination of all the cards as well as reversed cards in reading. The combinations, and interpretations, are infinite. Just like a regular deck of cards is used to play games like poker, a tarot card deck is used to predict the probable unfolding of future events. A tarot card reading can tell you if it is a good time to move your place of residence, and what the outcome would be if you did make that move. A tarot card reading can tell you the best time to make a change in your career or if the timing is wrong and you should wait. The tarot will offer priceless information concerning love and relationships, and let you know the best way to have the best relationship possible. While the tarot is used to predict the best possible outcome for you concerning the question they asked, predictions are not set in stone. There are thousands of tarot decks in publication today, the most famous being the Rider-Waite and Crowley decks.





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